Fight Against COVID-19

We continuously evaluate the situation and the community needs as this crisis evolves.

Initially, we collected food for food banks, and tens of N95 masks for the medical staff in the Snoqualmie Valley Hospital.

Now, the food banks inform us that they prefer monetary donations. Those are easier to plan with, go a long way because of bulk buying, and reduce the risk of infection to donors, food bank staff, and beneficiaries.

In addition, the hospital staff has updated us that they are on track to purchase additional mask supplies. They will appreciate more immediate mask donations if you have some, but there is no need for us to purchase more masks.

Both of them recommended that we focus our effort on raising more money for the community, which is exactly what we plan to do.

This is our opportunity, as a community, to be kind and help each other!

We will continue to monitor the needs of the community, and will update this page as new needs arise. Please come back to this page for updates. If you are aware of needs we can help with, please let us know through our contact form.

We use PayPal for safe and secure payment processing. You do not need to have a PayPal account – you can donate safely with a debit or credit card.

Thank you for your kindness!
The Rotary Club of Snoqualmie Valley

Suggested amount: $25