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Rotary Club of Snoqualmie Valley Donations Page

We’re so pleased you’ve found us and are interested in contributing to the uplifting work we’re doing in our local community. Use this form to make a donation to the club. Use the drop down menu to explore and donate to specific programs.

The Rotary Club of Snoqualmie Valley is more than just a philanthropic organization; we are a committed group of volunteers passionately dedicated to creating positive, lasting change in our community. From our annual Snoqualmie Sipfest wine tasting event to the much-anticipated golf tournament, we organize a variety of engaging fundraising events that not only bring our community together but also help to generate much-needed funds to support our local causes.

While we recognize the power of these fundraising efforts, we firmly believe that the heart and soul of our organization are the volunteers who generously donate their time and energy. The collective spirit and tireless dedication of our volunteers drive every project and initiative we undertake.

However, we understand that not everyone has the time to volunteer, and that’s perfectly okay. There are numerous ways to support our efforts and donating money is just as impactful. Monetary donations help to ensure our operations continue smoothly and that we are able to consistently support our community’s needs.

Every dollar you contribute helps us support various eligible organizations via our grant program. Through this program, we are able to return funds back to the community, thereby strengthening and enriching the Snoqualmie Valley.

We value every contribution, whether it be time spent volunteering or a monetary donation. Both forms of support are vital to the sustainability of our organization and our mission to foster positive change.

Thank you for considering a donation to the Rotary Club of Snoqualmie Valley. Your contribution, in whichever form you choose to give, truly makes a difference in our community. We appreciate you, your generosity, and your commitment to helping us build a better Snoqualmie Valley for all.