The WIN-WIN Store

The WIN-WIN store is a great way to support the community while enjoying quality products of the wildlife and nature of the beautiful Snoqualmie Valley. We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and fully volunteer-operated. All of our net income goes to support the community. By buying these products, you are helping food banks, high school students and the needy in the community!

Special thanks to Asheesh Rastogi for providing us with awesome photos!
Copyright © Asheesh Rastogi

Want to show your love for Snoqualmie Valley? Here are some fun magnets. Read more
This notebook features a picture of the beautiful Snoqualmie waterfalls and is perfect for school or everyday use. Read more
Want to show your love for Snoqualmie Valley? Here are some fun stickers. Read more
Make your laptop and water bottle more fun with this elk sticker. Read more
A tote bag featuring the cute Downtown Snoqualmie on a cloudy day that can be used for easy shopping and outdoor activities. Read more
A drawstring bag with a great photo of Mount Si seen from Snoqualmie. Read more
Awesome "I ❤️ Snoqualmie Valley" mugs to keep at home or travel with. Read more
What better way to make your fridge look more lively with some cute magnets of this elk? Read more
This is a cute "I ❤️ Snoqualmie Valley" mug, for your morning coffee or afternoon tea. Read more
A cool zip pouch for toiletry with a picture of Mount Si captured from Snoqualmie. Read more
This drawstring bag features a very aesthetic photo of the railroads located in downtown Snoqualmie. Read more
"I ❤️ Snoqualmie Valley" shirts with the Snoqualmie Valley rotary logo for men, women, and kids. Read more