Support the Valley 2023

We care about Snoqualmie valley; we know you do, too

We are blessed to live in the beautiful part of the country. We are thankful we can be on the giving end and help those who live here, but need a helping hand to lead a more productive and joyful life.

The Rotary Club raises tens of thousands of dollars for grants every year

Every year the Rotary Club raises money at our major annual fund-raising campaigns, like SipFest Snoqualmie and the Beer Garden at the Festival of Mt. Si. We are a volunteer-only organization with no salaried positions and no administrative costs. 100% of event proceeds are returned to the community.

Making an impact

A big part of our giving is done via our grant program. Local non-profit organizations apply to that program for grants of up to $5,000. Our dedicated, all-volunteer committee goes through an in-depth review process to identify the organizations and programs with the greatest impact on our community, and to distribute funds to the selected grants. The list of grantees is published on our website. You can find previous year grantees there as well. Previous grant recipients include food banks, care clinics, educational programs and more.

Local organizations are in need

This year we have about $30,000 to give, but we have received grant requests for over $85,000. We are therefore asking for your help in closing the gap. We have set a goal of giving from the Snoqualmie Valley community for another $10,000. Time is limited – donations can be accepted only until March 15th to allow the grants committee to make an informed decision.

With your help, we will be able to boost our giving to the community. Please help if you can. Every donation makes a difference.