2019-04-25 Rotary Club - Tag International Development (Marina Pevzner)

Honoring 4 students from Mt. Si High School as Students of the Quarter

Rotary: Tag International Development (Marina Pevzner)

TAG is a small global charity focused on creating sustainable impact through knowledge and expertise sharing and capacity building of vulnerable communities across 3 key areas of impact:
1) generating sustainable livelihoods through climate resilient solutions and enterprises;
2) Improving the health of mothers and children
3) Empowering youth at risk with skills.
We are partnering with Microsoft on technology skills transfer to create social impact solutions
TAG is a partnering organization for Rotary. We are currently implementing Rotary Global Grant -"A Drop of Milk" which involves 6 local clubs as well as the Jerusalem Rotary and New Jersey Rotary. The project is working towards reducing the maternal and child mortality rates in Myanmar through a holistic approach which targets both the reduction of high-risk pregnancies by upskilling the knowledge of the doctors and midwives; providing essential medical equipment and by focusing on improving the overall health of the women and children through community-based education. We have also an integrated focus on child development which support earlier identification of delays and disabilities of children (majority as a result of poor deliveries and birth based injuries) and we integrate mobile-based technology to support training, capacity building, referrals and impact tracking of the project.
This is a great time for us to be connecting as we are 3/4 of the way to complete the current GG and gearing up to continuing project development for next year. We will also be holding a great event on June 13th in the AXIS gallery at Pioneer Square where we will be showcasing a photo exhibition of the project.